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Garden Ideas – April Gardening

Posted: 28th January 2015 at 5:09 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)


The birds are singing and starting to nest. This makes gardening so much more enjoyable on a nice day.

The main tasks and priorities this month are:

You can now start to plant lettuce, cabbage and other vegetables in the garden. Remember to follow the instructions on the seed packet though as some seeds require early or later planting depending on the variety.

Plant perennial vegetables like rhubarb, horseradish or asparagus.

Warmer weather crops like tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and peppers can be planted but keep in a greenhouse until the plants have grown a bit for planting towards the end of next month.

Feeding the lawn now will ensure a greener grass. I prefer to use a pelleted for like Fisons Evergreen. The birds are singing and starting to nest. This makes gardening so much more enjoyable on a nice day.

There is still time left to plant out shrubs and trees but do it now or it’ll be too late and they won’t get a strong start.

Prune the evergreen hedges to keep them in trim and cut the dead wood and branches to allow for maximum growth and thickening over the summer months. A drop of a good nitrogen fertiliser will be enjoyed by the shrubs and trees about now.

The summer flowering bulbs should be planted now. Mix some bulb fertiliser with manure and peat but make sure that all signs of frost have passed before allowing the bulbs to be put outdoors.

Many seed packets will now instruct planting, especially the annuals but I prefer to leave this later in the month when it’s a little warmer rather than at the start of the month. The colder air at the beginning of the month makes for a slow, poor start so you won’t be delaying things much by leaving it later in the month.

Perennials can be divided now like, Day lilies, Iris, Chrysanthemums and Primula. These can be used to plant out new areas of the garden or given to friends to boost their gardens and also to show off your skills as well, of course!

Fruit trees can be planted out, best in a sunny spot of the garden.

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